Dogs are fantastic! But, let's face it, living with a different species isn't always easy. Dogs tend to view things a bit differently than we do. To your dog, the carpet might seem like a perfectly good place for a potty break, but I'm guessing you have a different opinion. 

 Okay, so what can we do about it? We teach them the behaviors we want or to like things we need them to like, and this is often easier to do than you might think! Get in touch with me today and I can help to prevent or resolve problem behaviors so you can enjoy life with your dog!


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Why Dog Fantastic?

Effective training: Designed to bring you less stress and lasting results.

Tailored to your needs: Customized one on one training.

Convenient: I’ll come to you and work where the behavior problems are occurring.

Ease: Don’t have the time or interest in training? I’ll do the hard part of the training for you, check out my day training option.

Training you can feel good about: Force free and dog friendly for better success and a better bond!



Dog Training Services

Is your dog jumping on guests, digging up your garden, barking at the mailman, pulling on leash and in need of manners, or having more serious issues like fear or aggression?

I can help. Check out the Private Sessions and Day Training options made to fit your lifestyle.

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Meet the Trainer

I understand what it's like when your dog's behavior is making you crazy, I've been there. Now, I'm educated and experienced in changing behavior so you can have a happier life with your dog. 

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Training Methods

No one wants to waste time on training methods that don't work or that can lead to bigger problems down the road! Get evidenced-based training that has an excellent track record for sucess.

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Looking for tips to explain your dog's behavior or body language? Check out these sources that are dedicated to providing you with easy to understand and accurate information. 

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Vanessa is the best. She’s an incredibly gifted dog trainer but is also a fabulous coach. She gave me invaluable advice which contributed hugely to me turning around my aggressive dog, Tex’s, problem behavior. Vanessa has endless patience, is incredibly knowledgeable, and a real pleasure to work with. I’d highly recommend Vanessa. You will not be disappointed.
— Julie