Dog training doesn't have to be daunting!
In fact, it can be enjoyable

Tired of being unsure what's the best way to fix unwanted behavior? Good news! There’s a method with an excellent track record for fixing all sorts of issues including fear and aggression! It’s called reward-based training, sometimes referred to as positive reinforcement or force free training. It has the science and evidence to back it and is the method recommended by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior.

Teaching your dog this way means they’ll enjoy doing the behaviors you want. You'll have a well behaved dog you can be proud of and a dog who loves to listen. Everybody wins!

Best part, with this method there’s never a need for the use of pain, fear or intimidation to motivate your dog and will avoid all the risky side effects those methods can carry! After all, most behavior problems are simply dogs acting like dogs, or for more serious issues, dogs acting out of fear. They need our help understanding the rules and our expectations, or help feeling safe. We can accomplish this better with kindness.



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